-- Pittstown, NJ - 07-15-2001

NJPerkins.com Free Email!

(If you Qualify)

Are you tired of your current "free" email account that puts limits on how much you have in your email box or any single message?  Are you tired of being a commercial?  Are you a member of our family, someone we  really like, and/or someone who can't yet pay for a permanent email address?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of the above questions, you just may qualify for a free email account on njperkins.com!  Join the thousands of satisfied customers across the nation that are already signed up (whether they wanted to or not) for a free njperkins.com email account.  Listen to what they have to say:


I love the pictures!!!!!!  ...  Thank you so much for setting this up for me.  We will have to set up outlook express over the phone.  Or maybe I will ask Matt-he is computer nerdy!!!  This is so professional-spell check, address book... WOW
Love you guys!


thanks for the hookup, i will certainly use this for my family and friends
email.  it is great to have a pop account.  and free!



If you think YOU might qualify, and you can currently send email, click this link:  (Click Here!)

If you think YOU might qualify, and you can't currently send email, or you aren't sure, just Sign Our Guestbook and mention that you want a free email account!

Please note that 5 Nieces and Nephews that did not receive our 4th of July email were automatically signed up for njperkins.com email!  We will be happy to do more... if you qualify!

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Note that requesting a free email account is no guarantee that you will actually get a free email account.  We have to want to give you a free email account, subject to our whims, moods, etc.  If you do not like, or cannot figure out how to use your free email account, you can ask for assistance, but don't expect too much... it's #$#$^))&**( FREE!