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What's Cooking?

There's always something going on in the Sky Manor Kitchens. Active links below represent projects with additional content.  Inactive links are projects that either haven't started, haven't finished, or there ain't nuttin' to look at.

The Latest Scoops

  • The New Sky Manor Cookbook.
    An HTML collection of Family Recipes.
    After years of shuffling scraps of paper and old recipe cards around, this is an attempt at both a printable and online recipe booklet of Sky Manor favorites. Often these are works in progress, but usually they are tasty works in progress!
  • Cheese Making.
    Our First Attempt.
    If you love cheese and you are slightly nuts, you may wish to attempt a basic cheese recipe. It ain't no walk in Vermont, but it may be extremely satisfying [if we ever do it].
  • O'Perkins Soda Bread.
    To be enjoyed on Saint Patrick's Day or any time, this recipe comes from years of O'Tinkering!