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Rehearsal Tracks

Originally designed to act as a central location for rehearsal tracks of the Mink Hill Boys, this area is a common repository for audio files.  Band members from far-flung areas of the country or world can play or download these tracks in order to be better prepared for the next live rehearsal.

Simply clicking on "Play/Download" will open up your native media player to play the track.  This is probably the simplest way to listen. 

If you want to download the file for later use, right-click on the "Play/Download" link and use a "Save As" option (may be different depending on your browser).  Don't forget where you put it!

If you are a Microsoft Internet Explorer user, you can play the file within a browser window by clicking on the "Play with Manor Player" link.

Got Tracks?

Got tracks you want to share with other band members? (please, no copyright infringements) Simply email me, "Squirrel", and I will get it set up.